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The Blue Hole Studio New MMORPG Next-Gen-I is also interesting that the recently announced Blade & Soul, but it is much closer to Western-style MMO. There's no anime character, not a game console-like, much closer to the fantasy theme usual. Tera Tera Gold: The Realm of exile as Arborea - in short, Tera Online - toy display are also AAA-class will make a nice view, therefore, in the growing content is expected (c ' is to say, more than likely there will be a monthly fee).

Six species (High Elves, Baraka, Castanics, Aman, Popori and humans), and the eight character classes (Lancer, warrior, mage, priest, Berserker, Slayer, Elemental Archer and agents) to choose for ourselves characters The first video shows the casts be.

The game is a new dynamic harcrendszerrel be fitted, which is somewhat different from that used in other traditional MMORPGs, forming a kind of transition in real time and turn-based combat system. Not so fast, such as action games on the console, but the other MMOs that are used in a much more action to become wealthy. So many qualities and "hits" or "breasts" instead of images of the interaction and dynamics will be built.

Frankly, it is also necessary to find a target, or, for example. the party can stand in front of shots, etc.. During the fighting in the strategic potential for using the environment, moving objects, etc. hozzávághatjuk opponents. So excited even more like a struggle, not just the shortcut key is nyomkodásában thing.

A game for all the action of a different race and caste, otherwise you will be drawn by Fireball Wizard is if the other castes, and male and female characters in animation can be different in a cast Understanding (The first video is very hot in riszálja failures by clicking on the hips of the girl in love .:)). The warrior caste filmed wrong size, and so on.

The game is expected to release in 2010, is currently in beta testing, conducted in Korea. Since translated into several languages ​​and in different areas of the game, but for the first time in North America will start the server, then the Europeans. As more information is the appearance, of course, to tell you.

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