The company continues to commute


form an idea about the competence of the writer - and their organisation! Much  FFXIV Gil   above is verbal treacle. We should aim at brevity. Consider: 'The Lotus management team has decided to re-structure to meet changing business demands.' The following example appeared in The Age newspaper, April 18 2002: '



The company continues to commute cedant relationships. One commutation has settled legal disputes with a major cedant resulting in a substantial reduction of the company's liabilities. Due to the inherent uncertainties remaining in the companies' business directors consider that the prudent course is to use commutation gains in excess of known adverse developments to establish a prudential margin.' Company Secretary, Reinsurance Australia



Corporation How many people would understand this pompous gobbledygook? It has an average of 24 words per sentence, and has 25% long words (three or more syllables). We can measure the clarity of the writing if we wish, and this can be measured. Two examples of commonly-used measures using these criteria

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