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Lagos has many beauties and festivities to impress its visitors and tourists. Book your cheap flights to Lagos with Arik Air. A few decades back this region was least visited region. But after the advent of mega event of FIFA world cup. Tourists from all corner of the world got a chance to have a look at the hidden treasures and Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold beauties of the world. People book their flights to Lagos from London and rest of the world to experience the hot Savannah climate of this region and its famous attractions. According to a survey this region has declared the most beautiful and most visited region of the world as far as the tourism is concerned.

Lagos is situated on the coastal line of Atlantic Ocean. This city is natural host of many stunning and beautiful beaches. This region by in large observe the hot Savannah climate. There are two rainy seasons which are also observes here. One is heavy rainy season and second is light heavy season. The heavy rainy season observed in the Month of May to July and the light rainy season observed in the Month of October and November. Overall this city observes the hot savannah climate which is hot favourite season of Europeans and its neighbouring countries.

Lagos is famous world wide for its Heaven like beaches. There is an array of beaches located at Lagos. More or less there are twelve beaches located at Lagos. Lagos is surrounded by Islands there are mainly three Islands. Bar Island, Lagos Island and Victoria Island. Lagos is not only famous for its stunning beaches Buy Runescape 2007 Gold but also for its famous buildings and monuments. The most visited places of Lagos are Tarzan Boat club, Ikoyi club this is a golf club for the entertainment of tourists round the globe. Freedom Park on Broad Street opened in October 2010 to mark Nigeria's 50th anniversary.Tafawa Balewa Square, The Apapa Amusement Park, Tarkwa Bay, the coastal town of Badagry. Black heritage museum and Synagogue Church. This Church is also known as the Church of all Nations. Book your flights to Lagos with Arik Air and enjoy your trip at affordable fares with height of delight.

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