Hong Kong officially on sale


Hong Kong officially on sale , priced at 798 Hong Kong dollars ( equivalent to 672 yuan ) , with DUALSHOCK3 wireless handle PS Vita TV is priced at 1180 Hong Kong dollars .SCEJA Hiroyuki Old School Runescape Gold Oda , vice president , SCE strategy and product design experience Junya Aoki , SCE Worldwide Studios senior programmer Yokokawa JA margin , as well as PlayStation 4 R &

D department "Dynasty Warriors 7 with Moushoden " producer Koji Suzuki attend this time in light Hong Kong SkyCity 100 top tourist Office Building conference held . Hong Kong's well-known artists also visit the site for the PS platform offering cheer .Since February 21, 2013 release date, Sony PS4 has always been of the players concerned .

According to the official description, PS products, compared with the previous generation , PS4 has a powerful frame and have the cloud technology , players can achieve remote Buy Old School Runescape Gold assistance through the platform , somatosensory operation , multimedia access functions, while Sony's cloud platform also allows the player to run on PS4 PS1 / 2 /3 of the game works , can be used with smart phones, tablet PCs and PS Vita achieve linkage .

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